Matrix Router

VDM Series

Variety Digital Matrix Router, hereafter "VDM", is a digital matrix router which can easily use DVI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, AUDIO which is currently available digital interface and CAT, FIBER OPTIC transmission method for long-distance transmission only by the replacement of the IO card slot.



Finally, Digital Extender brings order to the chaos of the modular extension category. Up till now, modular extension modules have all been too small for rack mounting, creating a messy, cluttered jumble of small black boxes in the rack. Digital Extender is pleased to introduce the breakthrough Digital Extender MR6S rack mount assembly for extension modules, plus a new series of smaller transmitters and receivers designed for slot-loading into the chassis.



The UWI allows one VGA and One HDMI/DMI digital media input to be connected up to 50m from a receiver using a single, CAT5e/6 cable. The UWI is compatible with a host of RT com receiver devices including the popular CR-94M hybrid matrix router, the UBCA and UBHD stand-alone UTP receivers, and the EDM Series matrix routers.

Gender / Cable

HDMI Ultimate Locking Cable

The RT Com HDMI Ultimate Locking Cables feature the safest and most innovative locking system for HDMI. The Ultimate connection just got better. The patented security lock is compatible with all HDMI sockets. With the 360˚ safety-switch the connector can easily be switched between locked and unlocked position.


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