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Matrix Router

Presentation Scaler Matrix


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Quick Overview

The PMS-63 is a six-input, high-performance presentation switcher and scaler for analog and digital video, unbalanced stereo, and S/PDIF audio signal, as well as PIP (picture-in-picture) technology, allowing any two video sources to be shown on one display. Together with RT Com's Seamless Switching Technology at every output, as well as user-friendly confi guration and operation, the
PMS-63 provides full fl exibility and convenience in an video presentation environment.
Features Specification Diagram
- Provides centralized switching and scaling for digital sources and analog video equipment
- Four HDMI Inputs, Two DVI-U Inputs.
- Two HDMI Outputs, One DVI-U Output
- Four balanced/un-balanced audio input and Three balanced/unbalanced audio output and 1 S/PDIF Digital audio.
- Control via RS-232C or LAN control
- Standard 19” rack mount size