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Matrix Router

Cross Flatform Matrix

VDM Series

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Quick Overview

Variety Digital Matrix Router, hereafter "VDM", is a digital matrix router which can easily use DVI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, AUDIO which is currently available digital interface and CAT, FIBER OPTIC transmission method for long-distance transmission only by the replacement of the IO card slot.

It can control router by three ways (touch panel, RS-232/422, LAN) and can do control and status monitoring over the long-range through LAN, along with Auto Scaling and No Black Screen during the Switching which called Seamless Switching Technology. Furthermore, It provide a port which can monitor input channel, and it is equipped with the feature to indentify abnormality of the output port by utilizing built-in pattern generator.

VDM can be used by making selection according to user environment while lining-up all large, medium and small routers. VDM is designed to control all the input and output devices connected to router via RS-232/422 communication and because of that, it does not require separate control unit, and power module has built-in dual power supply and in the event of power failure during operation, spare power starts to work automatically and with all these features, high reliability can be guaranteed during operation.

Features Specification Diagram Applications Input and output Options



 Main Body Composition

 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 180x180, 256x256

 Touch Screen

 it is composed of 7"


 Able to control 1 Port, Extender


 Control by 1 Port, Matrix

 Matrix Monitoring function

 In/Out Status

 Display by Touch screen

 USB Port

 Located on Backside

 Firmware Upgrade

 USB(main body), RS232C(main body)

 Monitoring Port

 Possible only at Input Port(One Screen)

 Test Pattern

 Output is made through Output Port

 Audio Matrix

 Independent switching regardless of video signal

 Volume Control (Decreasing only)

 Stereo jack, digital Audio

 Redundant Power

 Dual Power function