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1U Rack mountable Modular Extender


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DIMENSIONS(mm)439mm(17.3in) * 170mm(6.7in) * 44mm(1.75in) (W/D/H)

WEIGHT(kg)1.81Kg(4.0lb) for each of Tx and Rx

Quick Overview

Finally, Digital Extender brings order to the chaos of the modular extension category. Up till now, modular extension modules have all been too small for rack mounting, creating a messy, cluttered jumble of small black boxes in the rack. Digital Extender is pleased to introduce the breakthrough Digital Extender MR6S rack mount assembly for extension modules, plus a new series of smaller transmitters and receivers designed for slot-loading into the chassis. Able to mix fiber optic and CAT5 extensions, the new RF Series features power supply for up to six modules per chassis, eliminating a lot of small adapter type power supplies, housed in a 1RU rack housing. Performance, reliability, and value. Digital Extender is first again with this exclusive new way to deal with extension system modules.MR6S,

Features Specification Diagram Applications Input and output Options

Supports up to 2048×1080 at 60Hz, 1080P at 60Hz

Each Frame Mounts up to 6 Modules

DVI/HDMI Interchangeable

Single Power from the Frame for All 6 Modules

HDCP Compliant

Built-in Auto EDID management function

19’’ Rack Mountable -1RU

Rack Mount Transmitter modules are compatible with Stand Alone Receiver modules

Rack Mount Receiver modules are compatible with Stand Alone Transmitter modules