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Wall Plate Extender


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DIMENSIONS(mm)95 X 108 X 38(mm)/ 3.75' x 4.25' x 1.5'(inch) (WxDxH)

WEIGHT(kg)0.45kg(1 lbs)

Quick Overview

Analog and Digital Switching UTP Transmitter

The UWI allows one VGA and One HDMI/DMI digital media input to be connected up to 50m from a receiver using a single, CAT5e/6 cable. The UWI is compatible with a host of RT com receiver devices including the popular CR-94M hybrid matrix router, the UBCA and UBHD stand-alone UTP receivers, and the EDM Series matrix routers.

Features Specification Diagram Applications Input and output Options

- Automatically switches to the live video source

- Allows front panel or RS-232 switching

- Accepts both analog VGA sources and digital DVI/ HDMI sources

- HDCP compliant

- Wall plate or panel mount design

- Standard 2-gang electrical box