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HDMI Locking Cable

HDMI Ultimate Locking cable

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Quick Overview

The RT Com HDMI Ultimate Locking Cables feature the safest and most innovative locking system for HDMI. The Ultimate connection just got better.
The patented security lock is compatible with all HDMI sockets. With the 360º safety-switch the connector can easily be switched between locked and unlocked position

Part Number                  Description
UMC-002                        UMC HDMI with Lock 2m M-M
UMC-003                        UMC HDMI with Lock 3m M-M
UMC-005                        UMC HDMI with Lock 5m M-M
UMC-010                        UMC HDMI with Lcok 10m M-M

Features Specification Diagram Applications Input and output Options
• World's first ATC certified integrally locking HDMI
• 360º switch for use with all receptacle configurations
• Universal fit utilises the existing HDMI receptacle
• Backwards and forwards compatible
• Patented wave soldering and locking technology
• Un-compressed all-digital interface
•  Transmit digital AV through a single high-speed link
• Enables IP-based applications over HDMI
• 3D support up to 1080p
• 4k/2k support - up to 4x resolution of 1080p
• Huge bandwidth capacity for AV clarity and faster gaming
• Future-ready for emerging technologies